Measure and review the actual success and effectiveness of your current strategies.

Metrics. Growth. Engagement.

Is your strategy working?

Each metric has a meaning – a meaning that gives you a clear map of how your content is performing. They can be positive, negative, or both. We show you the numbers and provide you the right data analysis. Every month, you will get a feedback report with analytical and comparative results.

Are your top competitors standing out more?

Identifying your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses will provide you a closer look of the audience you are trying to reach. Every month, we will present you the top performing posts of your top 3 competitors. Each report includes information about what they are doing, how it’s working, and their best and worst practices in the digital world.

Are you getting the expected results?

Besides the key metrics for each of your social networks, we also complement your report with recommendations according to the results of your content strategy

Stop. Content that is not giving the expected results and that must be removed from your content strategy.

Pause. Content that has had some impact, but still needs improvements. Continue. Content that is the perfect fit for your brand and audience.